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Dearest subs,

I absolutely love it when My subservient pets show Me devotion and appreciation with gifts! All emails and slave applications with gifts attached will pique My interest more than those without. As a Goddess, I deeply enjoy being pampered and spoiled by My good boys. I wish to live in luxury so the things sent to provide a way to improve the quality of My day to day life. My interests are in worldly travel, sexuality, erotica, fashion, glamour, hypnosis, yoga, hiking, psychology, art, health-n-fitness, beauty, animals, and much more.

I long for knowledge and few things come close to feeding My hunger for life than visiting other cultures and experiencing all that the world has to offer Me. Warm My heart by adding stamps to My passport by sending hotel and airline gift cards to Stella Sol, 1017 L. St. #676 Sacramento, Ca 95814 USA

Devotion and Appreciation
Dearest subs

Other gift cards that I love receiving are:

*Luxury Clothing:

*beauty products and makeup:

I enjoy quality beauty products and makeup so I love to shop at

*Travel with ecards from:

Contribute to My passion for travel with ecards from
Travel with ecards from
Beauty products and makeup
Luxury Clothing
My mind is My greatest asset and I am always learning as I go. One of My favorite gifts are Aubible.com ecards packed full of book credits.

All gift cards can be sent to S[email protected]

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